100 Lane – Zawles, Sunny Terble, Prince Jahved

Zawles 100 Lane Artwork Front small - 100 Lane - Zawles, Sunny Terble, Prince Jahved


  1. 100 Lane

100 Lane
by Zawles, Prince Jahved & Sunny Terble
© Copyright – Zawles / Zawles (191924797654)

100 Lane, a piano guided composition produced by French producer Nicholas Boulland, found its way to Kingston Jamaica to feature lyrics by Prince Jahved, Sunny Terble and rapper Zawles. This track was mixed and mastered by Audiofixers.

The Story
100 Lane a notorious Garrison in Kingston Jamaica has received negative press about gun violence going back to the 1980’s. Stories of violence have been seen even on CNN News.

On more than one occasion the JDF (Jamaica Defense Force) had to summon war tankers to Red Hills Road to set up curfews to curb the violence between 100Lane and Park Lane, the neighboring community, just a few city blocks away.
Artistes such as Vybz Kartel have all made mention of 100Lane when referring to violent acts in a lyrical way.

The community however has not been given much of positive light for the talent, unique Cuban settlers history, and unique fashion sense.

Recording artiste Zawles and Sunny Terble are two cousins from a family that has resided in the community for decades. Prince Jahved another conscious reggae Artiste decided to collaborate with the two to send a message to stop the violence since they all have lost more than one family member to the ongoing violence.

Genre: Reggae: Dancehall
Release Date: 2018